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Anatomy is an urban retreat representing a complete system of care for your skin, body and soul delivering unique spa rituals within every treatment along with advanced skincare to achieve outstanding results.

We have taken time to specifically choose the right brands to celebrate our mission to provide results driven, sustainable, deeply relaxing treatments. Our guests leave feeling renewed, refreshed and completely indulged.

Anatomy promotes a deeply relaxing, holistic and healthy lifestyle and celebrates individuality.

All about anatomy

Anatomy devotes time to create a tranquil, calm retreat for our guests to feel the escape from the hectic, urban lifestyle.

We tailor each treatment with our core focus being your unique individuality so treat each guest with their holistic needs in mind.

We celebrate clean science, results driven sustainable skin care and we are passionate about providing true, holistic treatments using natural resources.
We took our time and meticulously researched our brands to deliver our passion and ethos in the very best of skin, science and soul.

Stay and Relax

We have worked hard to create a calm, serene environment at Anatomy and to continue your stay why not try a drink from our H20 menu whilst relaxing in our Tranquillity room? This will enhance the benefits to your skin and soul. Enjoy a cup of tea or infused water from our botanical micro garden.

If you’re feeling spoilt for choice then let us help you. We can recommend a drink to complement your treatment saving you the trouble of having to choose.

a gift to a loved one

If a friend is in need of some relaxation, why not offer them a treatment?

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