Eye zone

Eye zone

  • Anatomy Lash Lift 45 pounds

    Enhances your natural lashes at the root, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. Includes a lash tint to create a mascara style effect so your lashes are perfect from the moment you wake up. No extensions, No adhesive and no need for mascara. To keep your lashes looking amazing and to ensure you receive the very best in aftercare. We include a complimentary lash tint booster for all our lash lift clients 4 weeks after your treatment.

  • Henna Brows 22 pounds

    A natural longer lasting brow treatment that leaves a stain on the skin for up to two weeks and on the hair for up to 6 weeks.

  • Eyelash tint Thirty minutes 14 pounds
  • Eyebrow tint Fifteen minutes 12 pounds
  • Eyebrow Shape Fifteen minutes 10 pounds
  • Anatomy Semi Permanent Make Up

    By using the most advanced techniques and equipment we ensure all procedures give a natural appearance enhancing your own features.

  • Eyeliner 225 pounds
  • Eyeliner top and bottom 275 pounds

    If you lead a busy, active, athletic lifestyle or struggle applying eyeliner then semi permanent make up is the ideal solution. It does not run, smudge or wash off. Semi permanent eyeliner enhances the shape and accentuates the colour of the eyes making them appear larger and more defined. It can be applied to the upper, lower or both lash lines.

  • Colour mist brows 275 pounds

    This type of eyebrow tattooing gives a similar effect to that created with an eyebrow powder, infusing colour to create the perfect brow shape giving a soft definition beneath the natural hair growth.

A patch test is required 24 hours prior to all eye zone treatments.

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