Hands + Feet

Hands + Feet

Hands and feet say a lot about us, they put us in contact with the world and our wellbeing depends on their wellbeing! This is the reason why we should take care of them everyday using natural, nourishing and protective ingredients.

The Anatomy manicure and pedicure ritual is a moment of pleasure, providing care and attention to the hands and feet, starting with delicate cleansing, followed by tridimensional exfoliation and then profound hydration. The skin is left smooth, soft and luminous.


  • Anatomy junior mani 14 | pedi 14

    Shape cuticles polish for under 16s

  • Anatomy bare mani 18 | pedi 20

    shape nail buff shine

  • Anatomy shape mani 18 | pedi 22

    shape polish

  • Anatomy classic mani 28 | pedi 32

    shape cuticles moisturise polish

  • Anatomy signature mani 38 | pedi 44

    shape cuticles hand/foot ritual polish

gel polish

  • Anatomy gel shape mani 22 | pedi 26

    shape gel polish

  • Anatomy gel classic mani 32 | pedi 36

    shape cuticles moisturise gel polish

  • Anatomy gel signature mani 42 | pedi 48

    shape cuticles hand/foot ritual gel polish


  • Anatomy gel soak off mani 6 | pedi 6

    soak remove cuticle oil

  • Anatomy french mani 4 | pedi 4
  • Nail Recovery and Repair mani 6 | pedi 6

    An intense treatment to improve the health of the nail plate and to target natural nail imperfections. It works under regular polish as well as gel polish to treat weak, thin and damaged nails.

Anatomy pedicure treatments are performed dry because first and foremost we are kind to our environment and we care about your feet.

Our aim is to have you feeling like you are walking on air.
A Dry pedicure has better nail polish adhesion and it gets to work super fast on dry skin and calluses.

It decreases your chance of infection because using water can often be a breeding ground for infection and germs.

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